Phase 1: Design It Before You Build It

1. Every project begins with a meet and greet with Steve Waldron. The purpose of this meeting is to have a discussion on what you would like to see in terms of design features, the style, and budget range for your project. With that information we will develop a contract for design services.

2. Once the contract is agreed upon we will have a professional surveyor complete a survey of your property. Our Licensed Landscape Architect will also come out to the site for a walkthrough to familiarize with the property and conduct a site analysis/ feasibility study with your project goals in mind.

3. Once the survey is complete our Landscape Architect will begin working on conceptual drawings and create a virtual 3D model to evaluate and confirm the design.

4. Once the design is completed we will have a design presentation meeting with you where we present the design in 3D followed by a discussion using a printed concept plan of the design. The above image is an example of a 3D rendering of a project which is now completed.

Phase 2: Construction

1. The construction process begins with submitting any necessary HOA document and filing for any required County Permits.

2. We will have a utility company come out and mark the locations of all utilities.

3. We will layout the proposed design.

4. We will then begin with the site work and grading, if a grading permit is required we will need to obtain that permit from the County before proceeding with this step.

5. The physical construction process of design elements begins.

Phase 3: Project Review and Completion

1. Once the project is deemed substantially complete (roughly 90%) we will have a walkthrough with you to create a punch list which is a list of items to take the project to 100% completion.

2. Once the punch list is checked off and the project is fully completed we like to walk the project with you and have an open conversation on how it turned out and if we have met your expectations.

3. Professional photography of the project. If you plan to add furnishings and put your own personalized touch on the project we recommend doing so before the scheduling the photography.