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A Customer-Centered Experience Like No Other

Our specialization in residential landscape architecture for clients in Northern, VA enables Pristine Acres to excel in creating truly custom solutions for the unique character or properties in Great Falls, McLean, Oakton, Vienna, Aldie (Willowsford), Leesburg, Middleburg, Arlington, Reston and Clifton. 

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We are beyond thrilled with the outdoor project... - Matt, McLean VA

We are beyond thrilled with the outdoor project that was just completed by Steve and his fantastic team at Pristine Acres.  If there is such a thing as exemplary bedside manner for outdoor project firms, Steve Waldron and his team at Pristine Acres have defined it.  The Pristine Acres team is professional, courteous, communicative, creative, enthusiastic, has a genuine pride in craftsmanship, and they have a can-do attitude that generates true excitement about the project.  

At our initial meeting, Steve and his team at Pristine Acres had done quite a lot of preparation in finding out about our house, its terrain, and very quickly developed an overall vision of the project.  We were hoping that their proposal would be the winning one as we felt that it would be great to work with this team.  Steve and his team are just very likable and genuine people.  When Pristine Acres delivered their renderings of the project, we could hardly contain our excitement – they created an eye-popping design which truly expanded our home to become in the words of our guests, “a backyard that is true high-end resort”.

Trust. It is a big, aspirational word.  It is also something that is typically not granted easily especially in a home renovation project.  While the Pristine Acres process does require a lot of trust you will be rewarded as they do an exceptional job of managing each phase of the project. In this age of supply chain challenges, not everything could run as fast as possible, but their team (Jessie is fantastic) manages the communications in a way that is informative and they make themselves accessible. 

The accolades are now coming for Pristine Acres and it is well deserved.  I fully expect them to do even greater and more wondrous projects in the future.  You would be very wise to choose Pristine Acres as we are certain they will continue to push their own standards of trust and service to even higher levels.

Matt, Client, McLean, VA

Quality, craftsmanship and partnership... - Chris, Aldie VA

Quality, craftsmanship and partnership - those are the three words we'd use to describe Pristine Acres. It's easy to look at a company's past projects and dream, it's another for that company to make it a reality, for you. After the first discussion with Pristine, we knew we were going to work with them. The initial conversation focused on what we hoped to accomplish - the touches of our lifestyle (young kids) and basic design (outdoor - woods/landscape focus). The next part was honesty the scariest and while some companies will give you a design upfront, you have to trust Pristine right out of the gate; we did, and we don't regret it. When they came back with our rendering, we were astonished. Their design and construction teams put all aspects of what we were looking for into consideration, backing it with full utility of the space and then got to work making it a reality. Pristine maintained a strict schedule and while there were slips based on weather, materials, etc, they were always very responsive to answer questions/etc. To the most finite detail, the partnership worked together to ensure colors, materials and landscape was (is) exactly as their name describes, Pristine. The quality of the materials, matched with the craftsmanship of the installation teams truly depicts what you see on pictures and more so in person. Days were spent chipping (natural) rock, aligning trim, sanding, repeating, laying travertine, etc. All of that work left us with a backyard we'd only dreamed of. We will use our space for years to come; sharing it with family and friends and it's all thanks to Pristine Acres.

Chris, Client, Aldie, VA

We had the pleasure of meeting Steve... - Sam, Great Falls VA

We had the pleasure of meeting Steve and Kevin at Pristine Acres early on in the exterior design phase of our new custom home. After that first meeting, we knew we would be partnering with Pristine Acres for our entire exterior project. Every aspect of the build, from the initial design phase to the construction phase, has exceeded our expectations. Their creativity and imagination for our design surpassed anything we could have imagined. Steve and team have truly created an amazing resort style outdoor setting for us which we could not have envisioned.

Our sincerest thanks to Steve, Kevin, Mike and Matt W. (our project manager) who oversaw the entire construction phase. Matt has been a fantastic team member who made sure the entire project has come to fruition as envisioned. It would truly be a disservice for anyone considering an exterior home project to not meet with Pristine Acres for a consultation.

Sam, Client, Great Falls, VA

Pristine Acres hit it out of the park! We are... - Bethany, Oakton VA

Pristine Acres hit it out of the park! We are overjoyed at how beautiful our new outdoor living space is. From our initial consultation to the final walk through of the project, we received thoughtful, quality work with very close attention to detail. It was important to us to find the right balance between aesthetics and functionality and the team married the two seamlessly. They provided us with a streamlined experience centered around our needs as the customer. The project managers kept in contact about what processes would be happening next and were always available to answer any questions. The best part of all was working with such professional, honest, and kind people. When we embarked on such a large project, we knew we had to get it right, and Pristine Acres delivered past our expectations.

Bethany, Client, Oakton, VA

We partnered with Pristine Acres on a... - Pete, McLean VA

We partnered with Pristine Acres on a modern design for our backyard and landscaping. We had a new construction home build and we wanted to find someone who could deliver on a design that looked perfectly in sync with the home. Pristine Acres did such a phenomenal job on the entire project. We could not have been happier with the outcome. From the initial meeting it was clear that Pristine was the only team that had the talent, drive and personnel to pull off our project.

The original design that they came up with just blew us out of the water. It was, in a word, perfect. Having gone through the entire process from start to finish we were also blown away by how real the initial renderings looked vs. the final outcome. They were spot on. A huge credit to the Pristine team is to the high level of detail they put into the execution. Everything was done with such care and high quality - and with fantastic materials. Another real rarity was that once they came up with the cost estimate and contract that they stuck to it throughout the process. They didn't come back asking for adjustments or price increases/add-ons. This was incredibly refreshing.

They are also deeply invested in the landscaping side with incredible depth of knowledge on all different types of plants/trees and how to care for them. Every single plant, tree and uplight was hand-picked and chosen with purpose. The entire design of the backyard and landscaping has such interesting and unique elements - many we've never previously seen in our area. Ever since we've moved in we've gotten so many different compliments and oohs and ahhs over the way everything looks. Suffice to say that everyone has been blown away. We could not recommend using Pristine Acres more and are sure that you'd be well served (and impressed) by going with them!

Pete, Client, McLean, VA

I cannot say enough about this wonderful company... - Jenny, Ashburn VA

I cannot say enough about this wonderful company.  Everything you see in these other amazing reviews is true, and they were a pleasure to work with start to finish.  We had a very big project and they executed it perfectly - and on schedule!  Our neighborhood was full of concurrent backyard projects in various stages of construction; and as I listened to everyone else's complaints and stresses, I was even more grateful for the Pristine team and the seamless building process they provided.  Their commitment to quality is evident in every detail, and it does not end with the final check. You will not be disappointed, using Pristine Acres.

Jenny, Client, Ashburn, VA

We knew we wanted an outdoor space in... - Brian

We knew we wanted an outdoor space in our backyard to complete our home. We spoke to many companies, shared what we thought we wanted, and these companies always said okay and recreated a sketch of just that, without much more guidance or other suggestions. It wasn't until we met with Pristine Acres, (Kevin and Steve) that we realized we could have something so much more that met our vision. They listened to what we wanted and as the experts made suggestions on even better ways to match our vision, all still in our price range. 

Pristine Acres worked with the make-up of our land and created a proposal that met our wants while avoiding additional costs. 

Prior to agreeing to the project, a video rendering was made of the design of our backyard. This video included the type of materials, plants, trees, every little detail so that we were able to see exactly what we were getting. With this valuable information, we were able to make changes before we broke ground. 

Pristine Acres' professionalism was top-notch. The owner would visit the site multiple times a day, including the end of the day when the workers were done and gone. They would access the day's progress and have his team make adjustments as needed. They take pride in their work and made sure we were happy throughout the process. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking to add something amazing to their backyards.

Brian, Client

FIVE STARS and a Standing Ovation for Steve Waldron... - Cynthia, Herndon VA

FIVE STARS and a Standing Ovation for Steve Waldron and the Pristine Acres Crew! 

Steve and his crew have just completed transforming our property into a magical space that we will enjoy for years to come. Our backyard was heavily wooded, always wet, and it felt small. We did not think a pool was possible because of the septic system location. We met with Steve and had an instant connection. He looked at our property and envisioned a pool in the center of the yard with a large pavilion for dining and landscaping throughout. It was going to be a long process and a big investment, but Steve’s passion for the project, straightforward approach to costs and realistic expectations of time gave us confidence to move forward. The plans looked exciting on paper, but we never imagined how spectacular it would turn out to be. Our backyard looks and feels like a resort. No need to go on vacation, just walk out the back door!

Steve’s secret sauce is his amazing crew. They are craftsman, artists, professionals, each one dedicated to not just doing a job, but doing it perfectly. Architect, master carpenter, electrician, plumber, stonemason, landscape. They came to our house every day, and they did not leave until it was 100% complete. 

From start to finish, we are completely happy with every aspect of our partnership with Steve Waldron and Pristine Acres.

Cynthia, Client, Herndon, VA

Pristine Acres gets 5 stars and two thumbs up... - Ryan

Pristine Acres gets 5 stars (more if we could) and two thumbs up from us.  If you are looking to invest in your property and build your dream backyard, you're lucky to have found Pristine Acres, they are the real deal. From the very beginning, we could tell that they were the right fit for us and made us feel like we were part of the team. Throughout the process, they exceeded our expectations. They brought up several details and made great recommendations on things we didn't even think of.  I don't think you could have a better experience working with a design/ build company. They really are passionate about making sure they work within your budget and deliver a high quality product. They even made a high quality 3d video of our design for us to approve of before construction.  Our project is now completed, and we will miss working with Pristine Acres, but now we have a beautiful deck and pavilion we use all the time with friends and family! We could not have asked for a better design/build contractor, and we highly recommend Pristine Acres if having a great experience and receiving the highest quality is important to you!

Ryan, Client

Everything we have always wanted in a contractor... - Patrice

Everything we have always wanted in a contractor.  Smart, personable, timely, committed to both excellence and value for the money.  We recommend without any reservation.

Patrice, Client

After interviewing over 10 pool/out door contractors... - Aimee

After interviewing over 10 pool/out door contractors and spending months searching for the right fit, we found Steve and Pristine Acres.  He is incredibly thoughtful, honest, creative, and hardworking.  From the first meeting he listened closely to what we wanted and came back with a dream of a demo.  Over the next couple of months, we got to know his crew.  They are all true craftsmen of their trade.  Everyone strives for excellence, beauty, and functionality.  And on top of that, they are all very kind. I really enjoyed working with Steve's trusted vendors he pulled in.  You can tell he values relationships.  We highly recommend him and look forward to our next project with him.

Aimee, Client

Let me just say that this was easily one of the best... - Steven

Let me just say that this was easily one of the best experiences my wife and I have ever had with any type of contractor or company of its kind.  The owner, Steve, and his entire crew, were a pleasure to work with and were complete professionals throughout the process.  Steve himself went above and beyond to do his part.  Not only did we get a top quality product, but Steve's service and availability was unmatched.  He was always there whenever we had questions, and he guided us throughout the process of designing and building our dream outdoor pavilion.  He delivered in every facet, and the best part is he's been available for questions and help after the fact.  We already have Pristine Acres lined up to do all the decking around our pool and look forward to another great result and experience.  Pristine Acres gets my highest recommendation!

Steven, Client

Whenever investing in a large, complex project, what I look for... - Chad

Whenever investing in a large, complex, project, what I look for most from a company is: People, Process, Partnership, Trust and Execution. I find that come what may, if all of these items are in place, then all will end well. Pristine delivers on all 5 attributes. 

They have a solid team from management to craftsmen.  They all care deeply about their brand, their product and their work.  Because their name will be attached to it, they will not provide a deliverable unless it is of the utmost quality.  They have a set  process for how they manage their projects and how they time each milestone of their installation.  Their process is tried and proven, and they take the time to explain the why and the how.  

There is no such thing as perfectly laid plans for a project of this size, so it is important that you have alignment and a partnership. Pristine continuously proves themselves as a partner who can pivot, adjust and respond quickly to issues that arise. You will have many members of the team to call upon from the President on down,  they are all only a text or call away, and they quickly establish trust, rapport and proactive communication.

We are of course pleased with the execution of our project. We provided requirements that included a demo of our existing deck and complete new build of a deck with a patio underneath including arch ways, an outside bathroom, changing room with shower, and an outdoor kitchen. The free form pool includes a sun shelf, swim up bar, infinity edge, fire pit, and a slide built into the new landscape with retaining walls.  It's a beautiful design that was delivered with high touch project management.  Many thanks to Steve, Mike, Kevin, Shaun, Jesse, Matt and the rest of the team for delivering our family a backyard resort to enjoy for a lifetime.

Chad, Client